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How to remove broken batten in camber webbing

Battens breaking inthe luff webbing of a camber induced race sail is a fairly common occurrence.

There are mainy reasons this can happen when rigging or de-rigging the sail

eg.incorrect trim, the use of adjustable downhaul and outhaul systems etc.

You can keepwindsufing by doing a temporary repair yourself. You can get it repaired properly later.

Remove camber inducer Open up the webbing to get the batten out bycutting stitching.

Only cut the stitching on the side nearest the base of the sail. Be careful not to cut the webbing.

Expose batten end. Remove broken batten. Check all fibres are out.

Replace camber inducerPut cable tieon webbing.Put new batten in sail.

Do not tighten. Locate in webbing.

Tighten cable tie.

Trimcable tie.Batten is held secure bycable tie.Finished.

Need to makea newbatten? Go to DIY tube rod batten replacement.

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