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Bladder repair pictures

Jonnie eisler has set himself apart from a lot of other kite repairers by developing methods and techniques to repair, and  solve the problems associated with inflatable kites.

It has taken over 3  years of development not every problem can be sorted at present

but a vast majority can ,if not will advise a new bladder.

jonnie has fixed,repaired,replaced and changed 100's of kite bladders all over the world .

He has repaired bladders from 1999 to 2017

jonnie has worked on most  major and minor brands, and can see the problem most people have.

  1. the wrong tools
  2. not enough room 
  3. bad light
  4. No moulds
  5. New to the job.
  6. Windless conditions
  7. Clean and dry conditions.
  8. No compressor 
  9. No Sewing machine.
  10. No Tables.

Repairs to leading edges bladders. 


Repairing fist size holes in bladders.

Replaced and repaired valves.

Slingshot,Cabriha,Naish, F-one, North, bladder and valve repairs.

Deflate valves.Picture of a repair to an Ocean Rhodeo one pump valve..

Refitting one pump systems,

Refitted checked and left over night.

        All kites are pumped up and checked first. 

        Bladders are pumped up and left overnight after repair.

        Bladders are then refitted and pressure tested.

        All bladder repair alterations are done in-house.                

        Inflate / deflate valves on used bladders can be refitted or renewed.

        One pump valves can be replaced and fitted.

        Many of the techniques, methods and tools, are designed in-house.        

        I choose the best and most cost effective method to repair the bladder.

        If a satisfactory repair cannot be achieved, I will recommend a replacement.

      Strut bladder  repairs.


Strut repair to North bladder and kite strut.

Fixed and checked.

Struts repaired and checked.


Damaged your kite. Click below.

Repaired deflate bung the jonnie eisler way where the tab has pulled off the deflate  valve, leaving it

seperate from the bladder and easy to  loose.

This repair  works very well and is tried and tested, it is neat,  strong and easy to fit and can be sent in  the post.

Flexi Foil  Arron Hadlow pro .Strut and bladder repair in one pump system.

Repairing leading edge one pump bladder, all valves were losing air and coming away from the leading

edge bladder. Also the bladdere suffered a hernia,  greatly weakening the bladder and a

replacement bladder  was a 6 to 7 weeks wait.

 I will do my best to keep you on  the water where other people fail.


Advance Kaiman 10m  bladder. The  tip of bladder had been eaten by ants-hundreds of small  hoes at tip.

cutting bladder.

Replaced tip of bladder

Testing weld

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