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Kite pulley blocks and bridle

Online payment is paypal.   CALL 0797 1284061 or email jonnie@jonnieeisler.comwe only advertise  goods we have in stock. 

New Ronstan Pulley in stock.

Have also fitted this Orbit block RF25109 to other kite  brands

Ronstan kite pulley block.  

  • 16mm diameter roller  sheave block, max rope size 4mm
  • max working load 330lb-149.68
  • Breaking load 660lb-299.37 kg
  • weight 0.2oz


Colours Grey,Black, Red.                                     Ronstan pulleys with spliced and sewn  hang point.                                                           

  • The pulley is supplied as standard as a pair without a dyneema hang point.
  • Spliced and sewn pulleys can be bought from jonnie eisler on line shop
  • Durable lightweight pulley with white  plastic sheaf (roller). 
  • To service pulley  clean with fresh water  after use. 
  • Check pulleys for wear,and tear and replace when needed.
  • Check white roller (sheave) for chips,burrs,alignment, (buckled) and freedom to roll.
  • Broken or jammed pulley will  ruin a kite bridle, and alter freedom of control.

What a worn white sheave on a Ronstan pulley can look like.

 The side wall on one side of the sheave has  worn away, causing bridle to snag and slip down the  side of sheave, whilst damaging

the bridle,it also  buckled  the sheave. 


 How pulley fixes to leading edge.

New spliced and replaced Ronstan pulleys on 08 Naish leading edge.


Replacement pulley on Slingshot .RRD ,Caution,F-One,


Fitting new pulley line and pulley


                       Kite blocks £8.80 a pair.


Riley kite pulley block RM302

Colour black with bass roller sheave.

Used with Dyneema  line up to 4mm

Used by various kite brands including  Peter Lynn,Flexi-foil, Sabre, Ions, etc


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