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How to replace sleeving on kite surf lines

Use a 2.3mm protective sleeve for kitesurf  lines. This size is designed to be used with 250kg /315kg kitesurf flying lines and most 5th lines. This sleeving can also be used on traction kite flying lines off 250kg -315kg

If you can't sew the sleeving, you should make an overhand loop (as used on many traction kites) .

Helpful tools to make sleeving easier.

Fuse wire (I use 30 amp), scissors, grips / pliers, lighter or soldering iron, hot knife-cutter (not shown).

Fold wire in half. Feed middle of wire through sleeving.

Feed line through wire loop.

Pull line through sleeving with the wire (it's a tight fit so grips help)

Pull end of line all the way through. The sleeving ends need to be melted to stop them fraying. Be careful not to damage the kite lines.

Finish by either sewing as shown on left hand pair, or make an overhand knot as shown in red on the right.

A sewn finish is best.

You can buy the red,blue and black sleeving from my on-line shop. I also offer a re-sleeving service.



Worn Sleeving on Naish front lines.


Repaired sleeving, ready to use.

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