jonnie eisler

tel: 07971 284061

      Before I repair your kite I will listen to your requirements. I will then advise you about the options for repair to your kite, bridle or bladder.  


Cabrinha kite panel repair.                                                                                                                  

Kite canopy repairs: 

I don't recommend complete panel replacements due to the time, cost, strength, condition, age and manufacturing method of the kite.

 But there are times when I do.





With over 900 kite repairs to his name, jonnie has developed lots of methods to repair kites, and bladders.


Advance kaiman repaired and surfing the waves in Cornwall.



Leading edge repairs:

Slingshot leading edge and bladder repair

Ozone leading edge and bladder repair.

Ozone repaired and surfing it up in wales.

Leading edge   seam reinforcement. An  area to keep reinforced and in good condition.

Kite strut repairs:

Strut damage and bladder explosion.            Strut bladder fixed kite repaired. 

fixed and riding south Coast.


North strut bladder and kite repair.                  Fixed ane riding North East Coast.

Kite repair form.

Damaged your bladder ? Bladder valve problems ? Click below


Wing tip damage in waves in Wales.


 Fixed and riding again.


North kite; port and starboard front line hang points, had both wing tips ripped off.


Other side off kite.


Wing tip and hang point repaired, plus bladder repaired



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