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DIY tube rod batten replacements

Component parts of atube rod batten:

Picture below showing, from the top:

  • Batten tensioner
  • Leechnon-tapered tube rod
  • Center section hollow tube rod
  • Luff taperedtube rodBatten complete

2 plastic connectors

Batten connectors can be found in :

  • Different colours
  • Most are a similar size
  • They should inter-change

Heat sealed plastic needs to be removed, to separate connectors.

  • Separate connecting parts
  • At this point don't throwaway the oldrod - it may be useful again

    • Check to see if you were happy with length of batten before?
    • Was batten tensioner fully extended?
    • Measure twice, cut once. You can always cut again but it's difficult to add on.
    • Measure new centre section.

Try to saw straight, for butting up with connector.

  • Reconnect connections
  • Tape connectionat join withcentre section.
  • Batten sections stay together when taped.

  • Fixed.

  • The same principle can be used if the luff end breaks.

You can get spare parts from me.

I can make you a replacementbatten ,or you canmake your own ?

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