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How to do inflatable kite bridle line replacements

Where a kite bridle is worn and needs replacing, it does not need to be a complicated or expensive repair can be normally put be put on without a  sewing machine some do .

What I need from you is the length of the bridle in millimetres or. I don’t need to know the size of the loop connecting the two parts of the bridle. Most bridle loop sizes are similar; they simply act as a link between any bridle lines.

1. The bridle which needs replacing can be left on the kite, as a reference to remind you how it is linked up with the other bridle lines.

2. Going to the other side of kite, take the opposite but same bridle off the kite. The reason for this is you get a more accurate measurement from an undamaged bridle line.

3. Stretch out the bridle between two spikes, nails pins etc.

Email me the length in mm to

Put the measured bridle back on the kite.

Where a pulley is used on a bridle line which is worn or broken, I suggest you change both sides.

In the online shop you will find 2.3mm – 310 daN bridle lines in black and peach. You can purchase these on-line per metre if you wish to make your own.

Braided Dyneema® line with coloured polyester cover is used for bridles by most kite brands.

1 daN = ± 1.02 kg = ±  2.2 lbs ±

Please note most bridles wear quicker when the pulleys are not cleaned. Sand and grit also wear the pulleys and can lead to failures which can cause the kite to spin and act in an uncontrollable manner.

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