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Panels large and small, with and without graphics. Batten pockets, luff tubes,clews,tacks,head webbings,

The main body of the windsurfing sail is made of varying weights of Dacron, laminates, monofilm and tapes. Sometimes exact replacement materials are no longer available or not cost effective / almost impossible to obtain.

Where exact replacement of materials is not a viable option I will replace with similar materials of the correct performance specification. I have a large and broad range of materials in stock.

Windsurfing sail repair pictures

  • Mono-film panel repairs
  • Repairs to most makes.
  • Tack clew repairs
  • batten pockets
  • Luff webbings
  • Luff sleeves
  • Battens
  • Foot webbing
  • Head repairs
  • Windsurfing School sails repaired .

When in Uk did Complete Panel Rebuilds. 

Major North repair,

Where possible graphics and material matched.

 Window repair.

 I will then advise you about the options for the repair.

The sail does not warrant a major panel replacement.

I will let you know if I think your sail is beyond economic repair. This could be due to factors such as over-exposure to UV causing the materials to become brittle and weak, excessive wear or severe damage. I can advise you on options for replacing the sail, or what i can do to keep the repair cost down.

Tushingham Sail repair.

Jonnie Eisler has been using, fixing and dealing with windsurfing sails and equipment since 1981. Over the years he has repaired and altered most makes and design of sails.  Modern day we throw it away , even for simple repairs .

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NaishBoxer sail repair rigged.



Neil Pryde Racing sail the power off a winch.

Neil Pryde Alpha repaired centre panels.

Naish Vantage Panel replaced

Demon race sail foot reinforcing with piping.

Gaastra major rebuild with x-ply and mono-film.

Rebuilt to customer spec.

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