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Naish Octopus system

Component bladder parts of 2008 Naish Cult  7.0m

Leading edge with 5 struts.

 Struts have been pumped separate to leading edge.

 Octopus one way inflation valve welded on to leading edge. 

  The ptfe tape is used around valve to help form a good seal with strut.

The ptfe tape can move and loosen, and  break the seal between the leading edge valve, and strut.

 1  2  3

    • 1.  Replaced ptfe tape on one way valve.. 
    • 2.  Docking connection insert on strut.
    • 3.  Leading edge and strut connected.                


    • 4. Leading edge inflating strut with split plastic locating washer.
    • 5. Side  view of Octopus system connected.
    • 6. Above view  of Octopus system connected.


    •   7. Front view of strut connected.
    •   8.Bladder frame of Naish 7m cult connected by Octopus system. 
    •  9. Leading edge bladder  seated, inserted and checked.


  •  10. Leading edge and struts inflated on Naish 7.0m cult.

This information is to help  customers understand the Naish octopus system, and help me advise. 

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