jonnie eisler

tel: 07971 284061

jonnie eisler … keeping you in the loop’ primarily focuses on repairing kites and sails. Jonnie is also very knowledgeable and skilled in many other aspects of related work, for example dinghy sails, covers, boat covers, tents and awnings. He also hot air welds polypropylene and polyethylene (eg Toppers and Picos) and high frequency and heat welds PVC and polyurethane (eg kite bladders).

‘Keeping you in the loop’ means Jonnie will keep you informed about the work you send him and he will keep up to date with current developments in the sports, which means you get great service with the right information at the right time

Our online payment is paypal. THE SHOP also takes VISA/MASTERCARD CALL 01327-323024 we only advertise  goods we have in stock..

What Jonnie will do for you:

  • Notify you by email, phone or text when he receives your kite / sail etc.
  • Describe what repair options you could choose from.
  • Discuss and arrange delivery / collection options and costs.
  • Tell you how much the repair will cost, and carriage costs if appropriate.
  • Tell you when your repair will be completed and ready for delivery / collection.
  • Provide a printable workshop address label.
  • Provide a form for you to describe the damage to your equipment.
  • Provide clear directions on how to find the workshop or another location where he might be that also suits you for example Hunstanton Sailing Club, Oxford Sailing Club, Boxend Cable Ski etc.
  • Offer email quote service subject to receiving from you photos and descriptions of the damage.
  • Offer payment options of credit card, cheque or cash. There is no VAT charged on repair work done by jonnie eisler.
  • Provide an invoice for the work.
  • Keep you in the loop about changes and developments in the sports.
  • Advise you on equipment and where to get it.

How you can get prompt service:

  • Let Jonnie know when your repair work will be delivered and who will be delivering it.
  • Fill in the form with your contact details and damage description and email it to Jonnie or print it off and put it in with the sail / kite to be repaired.
  • Let Jonnie know when you need the repair work to be completed by / returned to you.
  • Provide your sail / kite in a clean and dry condition where possible. If it arrives wet and sandy it will take slightly longer to complete the work.
  • Pay in full on completion of the work.

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